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Milwaukee’s very own Mujeres Garcia in folklórico action. 

Cesar Chavez bill fails in Wisconsin

// ¡No chingues! Bursting a white-male’s bubble//

I can’t seem to circumnavigate the topic of “diversity,” chingao’.

Professionally, I deal with governance issues at the executive and board levels of institutions, specifically in the education sector, a territory that continues to be inequitable for countless kids & youth—kids in poverty, brown and  black kids, la chingadara in
Milwaukee is real—neta.  

With almost 30 years since the court-ordered school desegregation was implemented in Milwaukee, nearly a quarter (24.1%) of the students in our public school district are Latino and within a state-wide lens, make up 10.5% of all students listed by the Department of Public Instruction.  I rewind, and think about my high school experience about ten years ago, where I was one of seven Latino students in my graduating class. Holly shit.

Conversely, how has this growth in population translated into growth in other areas, specifically in the professional field? Latino entrepreneurs, professionals, academics –donde chingado estan in this city? I swear if I meet one more “bilingual” banker or slanger of Herbalife, o no se que chingaderas,  I’m gonna jump off the deep end. As a head-hunter of sorts, I have only been able to draw 4 Latinos to be part of a program that trains and connects working professionals to board service opportunities. Two of these are women, and they are both more than qualified to be part of this initiative (emphasis on the chingonas).  

Interestingly enough, I was brought into a group that is studying my city’s “brain-drain” issues, as a way to gather data that proves or disproves a talent breach and as a result, will prove or disprove how this issue affects our city’s development.  As a xicana woman that navigates through the bureaucracy of the white establishment on a daily basis, I find the advancement of rational thoughts that lead to forward-thinking action are undermined by [drum roll please] racism. Big surprise, huh? I see passive and overly racist practices that guard who can gain access to leadership positions on a daily basis. Pinche gatekeepers—chingandonos a todos.

When the dominant culture (corporate, male, white) erroneously thinks that diversity is a box to be checked off a list and that being a “non-Caucasian” is all that matters when a position needs to be filled, you are disabling a culture of change and equity. “Diversity” is not a tactic that will solidify a brand, nor will it single-handedly empower the marginalized. The white-savior mentality is real out here—so we have to challenge privilege, even when they aren’t ready or really want to hear it.

—A la chingada—


“I like to dress based on my mood & the weather. Moods over anything…and patterns should be embraced,” ~Xela

Got a feature in @StoikVoga’s fashion blog.


“I like to dress based on my mood & the weather. Moods over anything…and patterns should be embraced,” ~Xela

Got a feature in @StoikVoga’s fashion blog.

// ”stupid america,” by Lalo Delgado, published in 1969//

stupid america, see that chicano

with a big knife

on his steady hand

he doesn’t want to knife you

he wants to sit on the bench and carve christfigures

but you won’t let him.

stupid america, hear that chicano

shouting curses on the street

he is a poet without paper and pencil

and since he cannot write

he will explode.

stupid america, remember that chicanito

flunking math and english

he is the picasso

of your western states

but he will die

with one thousand masterpieces

hanging only from his mind.

Remembering two mentors

I ran across a blog written by Roberto Rodriguez (Dr. Cintli) and was taken back to the summer of 2004, when I took a class in the college of agricultural journalism at UW-Madison. This class was co-taught with his wife, Patrisia Gonzales during their doctoral studies. I am glad I took their class that summer. Maps, native fruits and vegetables of the Americas, great readings and most importantly, seeing great individuals and mentors in action. Inspiring, doing, teaching. Not to mention that one of my paintings was featured in one of their documentaries. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. It was a gift I made to them with respect and love.

// Cambium report of banned books (list)//

I have received requests to post a list of banned books. Enjoy:

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